2022 Shameful Tiki Room Shirt + House Mug

$ 59.99

Men's 2022 T-Shirt - Distressed

Distressed variant of 2022 The Shameful Tiki Room design on Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt.


2022 House Mug

Say hello to the 2022 Shameful Tiki Room House Mug!

Designed by @shamefultikirod, sculpted and produced by Munktiki; this mug was inspired by a nearby lunch spot that had a really cool sushi tea cup (the Japanese writing under each drink's name is a nod to that).

This mug showcases all of our most popular drinks exactly how they're depicted on our colourful cocktail menus.

* Ships with a free 2022 Swizzle, while supplies last!

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